Terms & Conditions

We are very keen to provide a quality service and a high level of customer satisfaction. Please take a few minutes to read the terms and conditions of our contract. Further information about our company is available on our website www.climbinghightreecare.co.uk or by contacting us directly.

Standard of work: All work shall be completed in line with BS3998 (Recommendations for Tree Work). We shall undertake the work in a competent manner in compliance to the specification and price in our quotation. All employees and subcontractors have appropriate credentials and have been DBS checked. Any members of our team that are working towards a credential or have recently qualified in a specific area will always be accompanied by a senior member of the team and given appropriate direction and support.

Quotes: Quotations are valid for 30 days.

Acceptance of work: All customers are entitled to a 14-day cooling off period following acceptance of the quotation. When you accept the quotation, we will start the work planning process which may include dealing with permissions from the Local Authority. We will advise you of the estimated completion date for your work. Climbing High Tree Care Ltd has no control as to how long it takes the Local Authority to deal with an application.

Cancellation: In the event of a cancellation within 48 hours of a customersjob completion date without rescheduling, we will charge 50% of the quotation to cover any preparatory work already undertaken and any other costs already incurred. Climbing High Tree Care Ltd reserves the right to cancel or rearrange a job. Reasons for this may be IT error, staff illness, weather conditions, unacceptable treatment of our staff and/or circumstances beyond our control.

Complaints procedure: In the unlikely event that you have any cause for complaint please contact the office as a matter of urgency and we will endeavour to correct the situation in a timely manner. Please be assured that as a ‘Trust Mark’ registered company we offer an alternative dispute resolution service to our customers.

Payment: Due on job completion. All contracts and instructions are accepted on the basis of payment of full invoice price within 7 days of the date of invoice, unless agreed otherwise. Where applicable, value-added tax (VAT) shall be charged at the current rate. Preferable payment method is via BACS. Cash and cheque must be agreed upon prior to agreement of job completion date as extra charges may be incurred.

Disposal of waste: We hold the appropriate waste carrying license. Most customers require removal of all arising waste material from site and this will normally be specified in the quotation. Woodchips make useful garden mulch and we are increasingly finding customers requesting that the chips are left for their own use. Timber may also be left for firewood, but wood will not be logged unless specified in the quotation. Log splitting is very time consuming and we do offer a log splitting service as an extra service.

Stump grinding: Stump grinding is usually carried out with all works however on some occasions it may be completed within a few days of felling rather than on the same day. We will call you to arrange a convenient time to undertake this work. Stump grindings are normally used to backfill the resulting hole rather than removing from site. The grindings can be removed from site but this will incur a further charge. If, in the process of stump grinding, we uncover buried toxic waste such as asbestos, we will cease the operation immediately. Once a specialist contractor has removed the toxic waste we will then return and resume our stump grinding service. The customer will meet the costs of the specialist asbestos removal.

Stump treatment: The majority of trees will cease to grow following felling and will decay naturally however, some species will send up shoots. We try to avoid the use of chemicals however at the customer’s request, we are able to

use an eco-friendly option known as ‘Eco Plugs’. This is a valuable option should the stump be situated in an area that is not accessible for the stump grinder. Climbing High Tree Care Ltd is not liable for any circumstances that may occur once the Eco Plugs are installed.

Neighbours: Sometimes it is necessary to have access to a neighbouring property, particularly when branches overhang. It would be very helpful if you could inform them of your intention to carry out work and the date on which it will take place. Vehicles parked close to our chipping machines can inadvertently get sprayed in a minor way with wood dust please ensure neighbours are aware of the work and that they may have to move their vehicles to avoid dust. Contacting the neighbouring property isn’t something our company intrude on, this is completely the responsibility of the customer.

Arrival time: The office will contact you prior to the completion date of your job to confirm the teams’ arrival time. Most jobs are completed efficiently and on time. However, occasionally a job will over-run or the weather will prevent us from working to time. The earliest time the team will arrive is 8.30-9.00am. If your job is booked in for the afternoon, please be aware the time of arrival you are given is an estimated time of arrival.

Permission: The trees within this contract specification may be in a Conservation Area or be subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Upon acceptance of our quotation, we shall check for the presence of legislative protection. We would be happy to make an application on your behalf. Climbing High Tree Care Ltd will only carry out work approved in writing by the tree officer from the appropriate Local Authority. We reserve the right to cease work and contact the appropriate tree officer at any point during agreed works. Investigation of Private Covenants shall be the responsibility of the Owner and no liability shall attach to Climbing High Tree Care Ltd for a breach any such Covenant.

Site condition: The quotation is based on the site conditions existing at the time of preparation of the quotation. If the site conditions change thereafter, there may be an extra charge to deal with the changed site conditions. This may require an additional quotation. Whilst our staff will operate with care and diligence often our work entails the carrying of large amount of material over lawns and past features. Please make sure that vulnerable surfaces are adequately protected and that fragile objects are moved. Lawns tend to recover rapidly but very wet weather can give rise to very muddy conditions. We can provide boards to protect the lawn. However, this is not a standard procedure and may incur an additional cost.

Underground and overhead services: Although every reasonable effort shall be made to locate the presence of underground services, we shall be under no liability for any damage caused as a result of work performed under the contract to such pipes, wires or cables, or for any damage to property resulting there from, and the owner of the land or his agent shall be solely liable for any such damage. Any charge for the removal of power lines or telephone cables shall be the responsibility of the owner, unless otherwise agreed in writing with us.

Measurements: All measurements mentioned in any correspondence are approximate.

Insurance: All work carried out by us shall be covered by a £10,000,000.00 Public Liability Insurance. A copy of our insurance can be sent with your quotation upon request.

Customer information and data protection: Please be assured that we only use your personal information for the purpose of completing your agreed works. Our IT systems are secure and we don’t share your details with anyone unnecessarily. We will share your details with the Local Authority if we need to make an application for permission to undertake the work and whilst it is unlikely, in certain circumstance work might need a license from Forestry Commission.

General: Climbing High Tree Care Ltd shall not be liable in damages or otherwise because of non-performance of a Contract arising on account of adverse weather conditions, strikes, lock-outs, war and civil commotion; or lack of adequately skilled labour due to causes beyond our control. Further, we retain the right in such circumstances to cancel the Contract in whole or in part. Completion dates shall be contingent upon weather conditions. Quotations for felling are based upon the assumption of trees being free from metal, cement, or other hidden obstructions. In the event of a tree being impossible to fell in the normal way, Climbing High Tree Care Ltd reserves the right to re-quote accordingly. The Contract price is based on the site conditions existing at the time of the preparation of the quotation remaining unchanged. Climbing High Tree Care Ltd reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time and for any reason and shall not be liable for any penalties or costs.

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