24 Hour Emergency Call Out Service

Experienced, qualified and insured Tree Surgeon & Arborist in Oxfordshire


Responding to emergency call outs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

If you require an emergency tree service, please contact Dax on 07706 283506 with a brief description of the situation. We will then know exactly what equipment is required and be able to respond accordingly.

We will attend urgently, ensuring in the first instance we make the situation safe and update you with our planned course of action.

What We Do

Dax received a call regarding a section of a tree that had fallen on a property. Within an hour, the team were on-site making a safe plan to remove the section of the failed tree off the property.

For this to be accomplished, Dax needed to utilise the surroundings appropriately. There was another healthy tree adjacent to the property. Therefore, Dax attached a pully to the adjacent tree and put a rope through the pully and around the failed section of the tree that had fallen on the property.

He then tied the tail end of the rope to the back of our 4×4 vehicle and very carefully moved the vehicle forward to take up the slack of the rope and stabilise the failed section of the tree. Using a MEWP, Dax then proceeded to dismantle the brush from the tree section.

The tree was then clear of the roof, the remaining tree was then lowered down using the initial rope and pully that was set up in the adjacent tree. The area was made safe, with the team later returning to remove all debris from the location and to tidy up.

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