Commercial Projects

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When it comes to commercial projects, we work closely with companies, schools, estates, councils and agencies.

Whether it be a single tree, multiple trees or hedges, or across multiple sites, we have the capability to assist you with any scope or scale of project.

All of our team members are DBS checked and have completed ARB specific first aid training. All team members have accurate and specific qualifications in line with their job roles. We also supply all required RAMS (Risk and Method Statements).

Case Study

Pollarding 4 Willows for an agency by the river.

Willows situated directly alongside the river, our team were required to climb these trees and remove limbs. Our chosen method to complete this job utilised our digger.

The climber attached the limbs to the digger using a rope, as the climber made the required cuts to remove the limbs the digger pulled the limbs safely stopping any debris from floating downstream in the river. As the climber proceeded to reposition themselves, the groundsman utilised the digger further stacking the limbs closer to the track chipper.

Once pollarding was completed and the climber was no longer required in the tree the digger was used to feed the limbs directly into the chipper.

Case Study

Removal of a Sycamore tree at a lock house for an environmental agency.

RAMS were provided prior to commencing work on this project.

This particular tree was surrounded by obstacles, it was imperative we avoided causing any damage. This therefore meant felling this tree was not an option.

Our team were required to use a specialised technique known as rigging.  (Rigging is a specialised technique using ropes and pullies to remove limbs in a controlled manner to the ground.)

This project was completed safely and efficiently. The wood was cut into suitable sizes and stacked to be used as firewood.

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