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Dax Hedges has been working in the tree industry for 14+ years.  He began his career as a groundsman with a small company based in Oxford where he quickly came to realise his love for the arboriculture industry.  Dax attended Merrist Wood College, a Forestry & Arboricultural college where he obtained several certifications and qualified as a climber.  From here Dax went on to work for a larger business in Oxfordshire gaining knowledge and experience.

Dax has always had a love for travelling, so when the opportunity arose for him and his young family to travel to Australia and New Zealand he leapt at the chance.  He utilised his skills in Australia where he worked as a senior climber for a company in Melbourne for a year. Whilst here, he further gained experience and knowledge that he wouldn’t have been able to gain in the UK.

One of the things Dax is well known for is how fast but safely he works. This in part is a skill he developed whilst working in Australia as due to the extreme heat during their summer the teams were required to work quickly to avoid the afternoon sun. Whilst working in Australia Dax also had the opportunity to work on many species of trees that are obviously not native to the UK, specifically very tall trees including various types of Eucalypts (Gum trees, Mountain Ash etc.)

While in Australia, Dax was headhunted by a previous employer in the UK who offered him a fantastic contract to return to the UK and work for him as a senior climber and team leader. Here Dax worked for a further 4 years.

In 2018 Dax felt ready for new challenges and started his own business Climbing High Tree Care Ltd and over the past three years Climbing High Tree Care Ltd has flourished and has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow.

Dax is always keen to extend his skills and knowledge. He has gained further qualifications and also has plans for further courses/training in the future. Dax is always interested in any new kit being developed and likewise, Dax assures he stays current with new techniques.  Dax is a firm believer in staying up to date on current thinking within the industry and makes this a priority, whilst also understanding and instilling the importance of training and safety within his teams.  Dax is a born leader and advocates strong principles within his teams to encourage his team members to learn, to gain experience and be confident in their ability as individuals but also with the importance of working as a team.  He takes great pride in passing on knowledge and his experiences to his developing team members whilst encouraging them to advance at their own pace with the support they require.

Dax also consults for other tree companies across Oxfordshire.  

Outside of work, in his spare time, Dax spends time with his young family and he also enjoys playing ice hockey with a local team.


City and Guilds Qualified

NPTC Certified

Operator Training in Mobile Elevating Work Platforms


Arb Specific

First Aid

Tree Felling

Crown Lifting, Thinning & Reduction

Pruning & Balancing

Sectional Removing & Pollarding

Hedge Cutting

Fruit Tree Pruning


Site Clearance

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